Freida Gift Pack

Freida Gift Pack

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The Freida Gift Pack includes one Freida doll with her outfit, one Unicorn Dreams outfit and one Accessory set for a great gift pack!

Girl Power Freida wants to be a prominent TV personality someday!

She believes in female empowerment and humanitarian causes. Freida believes in equality for all, no matter how big or how small!!

Freida loves to read everything she can get her hands on. When she’s not ready, her hobby is cooking and baking for her family and friends.

When she and her friends graduate, she wants to become a reporter and travel the world shining light on the issues of health, education, and justice for all.

Freida features long dark brown hair that is pulled to the side in a long braid. She has beautiful deep eyes that have a fiery center.

She comes with her signature “Girl Power “t-shirt, along with a white motorcycle jacket, lavender and white stripe leggings, a purple tulle midi skirt that has subtle white polka dots, and silver high-top boots.

She’s totally posable.

Shoot for the Stars Freida!

14" Tall

Unicorn Dreams is your favorite sleeping and lounging outfit! 

A mini print pink pajama and matching sleep mask, with a super cozy lavender robe with Unicorn hoodie detail and fuzzy purple Unicorn slippers!

Sleep Tight!

The Accessory Set has everything you need and more. It features a blue flower bow headband, watermelon print bows, black star flats, white spa day sandals, and the latest pink Pom Pom sneakers. white socks and underwear.

What will you wear today?

Suitable for 6 years old or above. 

Colors and patterns may vary