Maya Gift Pack

Maya Gift Pack

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The Maya Gift Pack includes one Maya doll with her outfit, one Sunday Afternoon Tea outfit and one Accessory set for a great gift pack!

Always be Kind Maya believes in magical moments with big splashes of sparkles and glitter... lots and lots of glitter!

Maya is authentic and kind. She is always on top of the latest trends, and most of the time, starts her own!

After she and her friends graduate, she wants to host a fashion blog and be a huge influencer that reflects her style and individuality.

Maya features a long brown curly hairstyle, with highlights, and light brown eyes.

Maya comes with her signature Always be Kind t-shirt, along with a furry pink jacket and paper bag skirt, leggings and the latest flower sneakers.

She’s totally posable!

Make Magic Maya!

14" Tall

Sunday Afternoon Tea has you ready for a tea party!

Sundays were never sweeter than when wearing this beautiful embroidered and fancy ribbon trim navy blue shift dress. It also includes a white denim jacket, white leggings, and hot pink ruffle brushed fabric flats. 

Tea Anyone?

The Accessory Set has everything you need and more. It features a blue flower bow headband, watermelon print bows, black star flats, white spa day sandals, and the latest pink Pom Pom sneakers. white socks and underwear.

What will you wear today?

Suitable for 6 years old or above. 

Colors and patterns may vary