Sara Gift Pack

Sara Gift Pack

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The Sara Gift Pack includes one Sara doll with her denim outfit, one Cat’s meow outfit and one Accessory set for a great gift pack!

Let your Light Shine Sara believes in kindness and helping her friends and others.

She believes that by sharing her light , the world can be a better place.

Sara is an aspiring Vet-shionista - She loves fashion , and she adores animals …so becoming a Vet-shionista when she graduates is perfect .

After she and her friends graduate ~ Sara will be sure to keep all animals in her care healthy and stylish !

Sara features very long blonde hair that comes well past her waist , with a long wrap around braid and she has light blue eyes.

Sara comes with her signature Let Your Light Shine shirt , along with her fabulous fashion denim jacket , the latest jeans , and floral sneakers.

She’s totally posable!

14” Tall

Cat’s Meow is a splendidly stylish outfit from head to toe!

Comes with a pink and gray Kitty Cat pom pom hat and scarf, a pink ruffle tunic, purple leggings and sparkly boots.

Tres Chic!

A girl can never have too many shoes and accessories! 

The Accessory Set has everything you need and more. It features a blue flower bow headband, watermelon print bows, black star flats, white spa day sandals, and the latest pink Pom Pom sneakers. white socks and underwear.

What will you wear today?

Suitable for 6 years old or above. 

Colors and patterns may vary